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Tips & Tricks to Defend Better in FIFA 18 


We continue with this guide of tactics to be able to defend better in FIFA 18. We commented to them that we are going to delve into the different techniques to be better in FIFA 18, but first we will give them some tips to defend better, later we will move to how to attack better, how focus the ball better and how to send better passes and shots.

Choose the teams with the best defense and midfield

This is an obvious advantage, but often goes unnoticed. The best defenses of FIFA 18 are at Bayern Munich and Real Madrid where, in addition, they have a very powerful midfield that will close many arrivals.

You can pay attention to the statistics of the players to choose the best defenses. Look at their resistance and not their speed, since they are there to stop the attackers, not to chase them. Also make sure to choose those with better mobility and speed of shooting, since when you get the ball again, you have to throw it very, very far from your area. If you like you can get better player cards with FUT 18 Coins from transfer market.  

Do not be afraid to clear the ball in your area

Something that always annoys the players, are those people who clear the ball from their area and do not take the ball with passes and plays. Although this is annoying for some, the reality is that there is something wrong with it. This does not indicate that you are a bad player, keep that in mind. Just watch a real football game to see that this is done multiple times and it is completely normal.

With these tips to not fit goals in FIFA 18 you can leave your goal to zero on many occasions, being a fearsome defense.